Who God Says I am...





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Child of God


Remain alive

"For in Him we live, and


    move and have our being."

BOOKING | James (Jimbo) Murray
Arts Administrator
Child of God 

Acts 17:28

Mission        VISION


To make disciples

To use my God-given gifts, talents, and knowledge to bring people closer to Christ. By spreading the gospel I want inspire believers and nonbelievers to seek God and His righteousness. I passionately believe in [God’s] love and its power to change hearts, minds, lives and, ultimately, the world. And once this love is accepted, I await to see God demonstrate His power and might by doing exceedingly and abundantly, above all
they could ever ask or think.


Q: What is all this for/about?

This is all for the glory of God & 

it’s about glorifying God.

To introduce, inspire, and remind others to be who God has called them to be.


Q: Why JamesJimbo?


Because the domain name was available     ...

it ain’t even that deep. Jimbo is my

nickname - not an alter ego or anything of that sort. My friends call me James & my family

calls me Jim(bo). Dassit!

I know who & whose I am 😁🙏🏾🙌🏾

Q: Who made your website?


I did. The Holy Spirit and I were

in the computer lab like, "YAHHHH!"


Q: When/how did you start dancing?

My mom was an active member in our former church’s

dance ministry. When I was a kid, and as a single mom,

she schlepped me around with her to rehearsals and whatnot.

I didn’t start dancing until I was in college (19 years old) when I [miraculously] got accepted into a dance program. I was able to graduate with a dual degree in Business Management & Marketing, with a minor in Dance in 2014. In 2015 I got a job at [SUNY] Purchase College, where I began to take dance and God’s will for my life more seriously.


Q: How tall are you?


This question is the bane of my existence and I 

could never understand how it's socially acceptable

for complete strangers to approach me and demand 

such information. From now on when people

 question me and my height I'm just going give

them a business card to this website and simply say,

"Visit here for more information".

I'm SHORT on time so please be up out my face 

with this nonsensical Q&A.

[rant over]

I'm 6'6".

Q: How can I partner with your ministry?

   If you wish to make a donation, collaborate,

or invite me to an event - please do so on

the ‘Contact Me’ tab.